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The purpose of this page is to give parents access to articles and websites that help them give their children the guidance they need to be successful students and individuals. We plan to include information about issues that affect students today such as cyberbullying, drug and alcohol use and the importance of attendance.

Cyberbullying takes cruelty from the halls to the online world

Most parents may have grown-up thinking bullying meant someone taking their child’s lunch money or calling them horrible names.

The cruel names part hasn’t changed, but how they’re delivered has. Bullying online through Facebook or through other forms of electronic communication (commonly called “Cyberbullying”) has become a national problem. According to the National Crime Prevention Center, more than 40 percent of all teenagers with Internet access have reported being bullied online during the past year.

Cyberbullying can involve: sending mean, vulgar, or threatening messages or images; posting sensitive, private information and/or lies about another person; or pretending to be someone else in order to make that person look bad.

Canajoharie High School wants parents to know there are websites available to learn more about cyberbullying and how to help their children if they’re faced with it.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ website offers valuable resources on traditional bullying and cyberbullying.

Here are a few more: