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State approves Canajoharie teacher and principal evAPPR graphicaluation plan


Oct. 25, 2012


The New York State Education Department approved Canajoharie Central School District’s teacher and principal evaluation plan – know as the Annual Professional Performance Review (“APPR”) – on Monday, Oct. 22.

The state adopted new rules for evaluating teachers and principals in order to qualify for federal Race to the Top funding and to improve student learning. All school districts in New York are required by Jan. 17, 2013 to have adopted locally and received state approval of APPR plans for teachers and principals.

“I’d like to thank the teacher and principal task force and negotiating teams for all their hard work in this process,” said Superintendent Deborah Grimshaw.

“We are very happy to have an approved plan ahead of the state deadline.”

To see a copy of the approved APPR plan, click here.

And to see a top 10 list of APPR facts, please click here.

Evaluating teachers and principals is nothing new. What is new is a rating system and performance indicators that educators will be expected to meet.

Every year in New York State under the new APPR rules, each teacher and principal in grades K-12 will receive a rating of highly effective, effective, developing or ineffective based on a 100-point score.

Each school district is allowed to develop its own formula for evaluating teachers and principals, within guidelines set by the state.

What are the components of Canajoharie’s plan? Please look at the graphic on the right.