District News

Security measures for school visitors


To better ensure the safety of the students, Canajoharie Central School instituted a new procedure for everyone visiting school during regular school hours.


The new procedure which began Jan. 4, requires all visitors to enter the buildings through the exterior doors at the main entrances and speak with the secretary who then can unlock the inside doors with the push of a button. At East Hill and the high school, the secretaries can see guests through the office windows. In the middle school, the secretary will rely on a video camera and intercom system.


Superintendent Richard Rose noted that this change may be especially difficult for parents who are accustomed to freely entering school buildings to pick up their children or to drop off a forgotten lunch.

"We have always prided ourselves as being welcoming to parents," said Superintendent Richard Rose. "But, we also realize that we need to make some compromises to keep our children safe.

"We implemented this measure to make the school a safer place for your children and to keep out unwanted guests or anyone that would pose a risk to the safety and welfare of our students.

"As parents, you are always welcome in our school. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience that this may create." he said.

After school, the main entrances will be unlocked for meetings, sports practices, and school events.